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Nick Banfield

The Sea and Well Being by Nick

Most of us would say that we are blessed to live in such a wonderful place as Falmouth. Many of us have found a solace and comfort in nature this year and one of our members Nick, shares his experience and love of water with us. 

Well Being

Our Lord made it, walked on it and uses it to explain things. 

Felt Owls by Zara

Lockdown Leisure......

Many of us have been looking for ways to fill our time during lockdown and some of our church members have not only ‘kept on crafting’ but some have attempted new craft pursuits like quilling. It is no secret that our members are particularly skilled when it comes to sewing and knitting and if you have ever visited our Christmas Cracker you will have seen the amazing work of the Stitch Craft group. 

Cafe Worship Band Rehearsal

Cafe Worship. Back Soon?

Although things look quite different for us all right now and Cafe Worship is currently not taking place in our church building, we are aiming to bring a virtual service soon.

Worship is an area of our fellowship where we are being constantly challenged to develop new and exciting ways of leading, praising and sharing. Challenge and change are part of this service. We are challenged in our Witness Box where people share their experiences of being a Christian and maybe changed by what we encounter during the service.

The bluebells were amazing.

Memories of the splendid Bluebells

One of the events we have missed this year was the Bluebell walk at Bonallack Barton Farm.  I have taken a trip down memory lane to happier safer times a year ago in May 2019.   We had a great show of bluebells as always and an abundance of people to share it with. This year 2019 we were pleased to share the proceeds with the Invictus trust a fantastic Cornish run charity for young people with mental health issues. 

Complete Suspension

Regrettably, following instructions from the Methodist Church and from the Government, we have had to suspend all activities at Falmouth Methodist Church, and can no longer open for prayer at lunchtimes. We hope that all friends of FMC will continue to pray for those affected in one way or another by Covid-19.


We have had to make the decision to cancel all services on these premises for the foreseeable future, in line with guidance from the Government and from the Methodist Church.

We will, however, we open for private prayer at lunchtimes on weekdays. Our Memorial Chapel (on the ground floor) will be available Monday to Friday 12noon until 20.00pm for anyone to come in spend some time in quiet.

Additionally, we are endeavouring to establish what needs within our Church community and within the wider society in which we live can be met by us.

Selling delicious cakes and other goodies made by members of the church

Christmas Cracker

The Christmas cracker event on Saturday 7th December was a great success. There was a splendid stitchcraft stall; bric a brac and book stalls; as well as a warm welcome, hot drinks and food. Over £1100 was raised. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make it such a fun morning for those who came.

The 74 presents!

Gift Sunday

The first Sunday of Advent saw our Gift Sunday. Presents were donated by members of the Church family to be given to young people in our community who would otherwise not have anything this Christmas. They were received by Dawn Froggatt who works from the Dracaena Centre. She counted 74 gifts! Dawn told us about last year's gifts and the difference they made to the lives of the recipients. What she told us was inspiring.

The generosity of the Church family is much appreciated, as is the thought put into the gifts. Well done FMC!

Delicious star and angel biscuts

Cafe Church

On Sunday at cafe church we started to anticipate the arrival of Jesus, as it was the first Sunday in advent. We thought about how we anticipate events in our own lives, sometimes with joy and sometimes with dread. The members of the church also showed amazing generosity by presenting gifts for young people in our community. They were given to the youth worker at the Dracaena Centre to give away. Biscuits of stars and angels were made and we wrote our prayers on paper prophets. At anytime during the service we could help ourselves to tea, coffee and breakfast.

Ministers Christmas Message

Dear friends

Imagine the situation…… A nation divided between the ‘have’s’ and the ‘have not’s’…. conflict ever present in society over different views about sovereignty…… a general distrust of foreigners…. people unsettled, angered, frustrated….. economically, things not going well…… a lack of trust in national leaders…a sense of hopelessness for the future……. a nation at odds with itself.…..and in the background, the threat of terrorism always lurking.