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We are a large town centre church, serving a seaside community. We have a vibrant resident population and welcome visitors on holiday to our activities and worship. Please come and see us!

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Falmouth Methodist Church - Fulfilling our Mission in the Community


Falmouth Methodist Church meets to hold services at the KCM Hall New Street every Sunday at 10.30am. We have an informal Café Style Worship on the first Sunday of each month and more traditional services on the other weeks. You can also watch our services on YouTube.


Bible Study is held fortnightly on a Thursday afternoon. If you would like to join us for the Bible Study then please contact us.

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We are part of the Falmouth and Gwennap Methodist Circuit and are enthusiastic members of Falmouth and Penryn Churches Together and participate in their activities and meetings. Several FPCT activities are held on our church premises.

Our Church Community

We are a gathered church. Few members of our congregation live within easy walking distance, and some live in surrounding villages. We seek to offer a style of worship that is accessible to a wide variety of people, with high quality music led by our organist or our Café Worship band. We are seeking to be an outward looking church, ever mindful of the community outside our doors.

Our congregation covers a wide age-range, and all are made to feel welcome.

Our Services and Events

Falmouth Methodist Church is a church that is well established in the local community and rooted in its history. It values that heritage. However, it is also a church for today, seeking to serve the needs of the present-day people of Falmouth, and to be a living presence in the civic hub of the town.

Revd. Jonathan FroggattMinister

Regeneration Project 1
03 May

Regeneration Project Launched

By Administrator

In the New Year, we finally saw some signs of activity, as the fire safety requirements were resolved in our building. It is good to report that the fire curtain is at last working properly. The new fire doors on the top floor and to the office have been well-received, and are a definite improvement on the old doors.

However, the lack of signs of activity prior to that hides the fact that a group of people have been working hard to bring about the Regeneration Project.

Lent Cross 1
03 May

Lent Cross

By Administrator

In 2019, for the first time, FMC marked the six Sundays of Lent with a Lent Cross Liturgy. On each Sunday, a short reading and prayer were accompanied by singing a couple of songs, and a new item was added to the cross. Over the season, the following items were added to the bare cross:

Bowl and towel (representing Jesus washing his disciples’ feet)

Money bag (representing the money Judas received)

Whip (representing the cruelty of the torture of Jesus)

Bread and wine (representing Last Supper)

Tent for Lent 1
19 Apr

Tent for Lent

By Administrator

Early in the new year, FMC was contacted by the locally-based charity Shelterbox to ask if we would be one of a group of churches piloting their new initiative ‘Give a Tent for Lent’. The Leadership Team considered it and thought it would be worthwhile. The challenge of raising enough money to provide for a tent (£317) seemed within reach. The slogan ‘a tent for Lent’ seemed to have a good ring to it, and it made a change from giving something up (like chocolate!) for the 40 days before Easter.