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The Sea and Well Being by Nick

The Sea and Well Being by Nick

Most of us would say that we are blessed to live in such a wonderful place as Falmouth. Many of us have found a solace and comfort in nature this year and one of our members Nick, shares his experience and love of water with us. 

Well Being

Our Lord made it, walked on it and uses it to explain things. 

I have been swimming, surfing, snorkelling, sailing, diving in the sea for many years. Positive emotion has been associated with these activities. More specifically, over the last two years, I have been swimming in the sea almost every day, and recently became an Open Water Swimming Coach, taking people into the sea just to feel better.

The interaction between the water and our bodies appears to be making us better. There have been studies to prove this; one such study of people looking at pictures with water in them, versus people looking at pictures with no water in them, showed that people who look at pictures with water in them, experience better wellbeing! Ok, there are many such studies, and one may ask: ‘how do you measure that?’ The thing is something is going on between the interaction of water and our minds. I see evidence everyday – people of all ages, abilities, getting in, sometimes just paddling and emerging with smiles.

Jesus was baptized in water, and some people get baptized in the sea. Every day  I feel like an island of sanity out there in the ocean. All I think about are the bubbles flying by, the sea life and that Jesus made it all and I pray whilst swimming. That’s why I emerge with a smile on my face.