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Lockdown with George and Ginny

Lockdown with George and Ginny

Lockdown with the Leggos

When the reality sinks into the brain, and you realise you can no longer roam free on foot or in the car, but must keep to the house and garden, not mixing with anyone, when this happens, it is a big shock to the system.  Our lives came to a halt, as we have sung in choirs for years, we are church goers and were kept terribly busy in the general life of our church (some slight relief there).  Family and friends no longer able to drop by for a coffee or a meal!!! The weather helped as it was sunny and bright, so many hours were spent in the garden chatting, at a distance over our garden hedge to the many people taking their exercise time around Budock Church footpaths. Like many people cooking and baking filled many spare hours and when I could obtain flour, yummy cakes were made plus pizza, pasties and pies unfortunately these were all consumed by us (George and Ginny), weight was gained, so cut backs and salad had to be introduced! Phew!

Our health was not so good at times, this led to me having a trip to Treliske in an ambulance one Saturday morning, the hospital in lockdown was a very different place to what we are used to, empty corridors, strict regulations but excellent care which saw me returned home safely by midnight the same day after many tests and scans.

Telephone calls and emails have been a vital link to the outside world with good support from the Pastoral Team at church alongside the weekly online services from the Circuit.

George has been kept busy painting everything we own in the garden Willow Green, a pale shade of green. Solar fountains have also been keeping George busy, his idea and my idea of beauty are far apart!

We think we are the lucky ones in this terrible time, we are retired, so we do not have the worry of job loss, we have been able to order groceries online, so we have all we need to sustain us. Our children are all front- line workers so we pray for them and for all who are involved in the fight to keep us all safe and well. We look forward to life returning to some- kind- of -normal one day. Stay safe, George and Ginny x