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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Our annual Harvest Festival had an additional dimension of celebration this year, because the service was led by Rev Dr Ed Kimes. Ed, who is a minister in the United Methodist Church in the United States, was minister at Falmouth for twelve months ten years ago. He and his wife, Faith, are very fondly remembered, and it was a joy to welcome them back to Cornwall.

Ed took as his harvest theme 'Thanksgiving'. Amongst other things, he showed pictures of their time here a decade ago, and reminded everyone of the people who had made their time here so special.

After the service, Ed and Faith joined member of the congregation for our monthly Church lunch. Instead of the usual soup and sandwiches, we (predictably perhaps!) enjoyed pasties.....and fellowship. 

It was a great joy for us to meet, or to be reacquainted, with Ed and Faith, and we hope we will see them again before too many years pass.