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Fairtrade focus at Café Worship

Fairtrade focus at Café Worship


At Café Worship today we paid homage to Fairtrade as this is the last day of Fairtrade Fortnight. With worship songs linked by the theme of justice and fairness, we heard about the work of Fairtrade and individuals working within the scheme and the benefits that the scheme has brought to them and to their families.

With a particular focus on the production of tea, Nona led us in a quiz on its history, production, and distribution, then Jo and Tracy led prayers for all involved in the industry. Jo also led prayers for the people of Ukraine.

Jo asked for members of the church to think about what we can do better as a Christian community to support Fairtrade and we added our ideas to teapot outlines during discussions at our tables.

At the close of the service the Fairtrade stall was open and as members of KCM joined us for coffee, many purchased Fairtrade products.